Program your IOT application on a wide range of devices, easily from the cloud and without code thanks to AI

Wiboot combines all IOT and AI different stacks in a single integrated platform, allowing professionals to create rapidly their application and maximize their ROI. Wiboot is the new standard that allows the seamless communication between all devices (multi OS) with all cloud applications or IOT platforms (multi cloud).

Plug & Play

Customize online your devices, incorporating a pre-set and functional firmware


Create complex logic in your device leveraging machine learnings models available online


Pre-configured connectors to most popular IOT platforms and any information systems

« no-code »

Create your own firmware and update remotely your device without any line of code


Leverage gateway that can communicate without going through your internal network and eliminate connectivity complexity


Deploy your IOT application in few days with no technical competency required

A software to configure your devices

Wiboot is a multi OS cross compilation platform that allows an easy configuration of your device and IOT application rapid deployment.

• Create the IOT application that really fits with your own operational issue
• Get hardware devices that work day 1, no integration work
• Manage from the cloud your events, alerts and frequency of data gathering from the devices
• Over the air update
• No limit in hardware integration. You can use any device from the market

Devices ready to use and fully configurable from the cloud

More than 30 configurable devices with a wide range of connectivity options (GSM, Wifi, Lora, BLE). All devices are coming with a casing (IP67 in option) and ready to use.

Configure easily your devices with Wiboot Studio

Wiboot Studio is an easy, robust and secure solution to modify and upgrade, from the cloud, the firmware incorporated in your device. It offers a unique no code capability enabling non expert to modify the firmware. For advanced developers or experts, source code is accessible.

Wiboot AI, bring intelligence in your machines

Machine learnings models available as a service to create complex logics and easily incorporated in the device firmware.

Wiboot API to get your data in your system

Avoid creating a duplication of systems and applications with Wiboot API. Get the full ownership of your data and in two clicks, route them to your own IT system or existing IOT platform.

A solution fitting most of IOT use cases

Applicable to most Industrial 4.0 initiatives with devices easily connected to your Manufacturing Execution Systems. Use Wiboot to create smart office or smart retail applications, improve asset management, and find out many more use cases!

Fast and easy deployment

Our platform enables the deployment of your projects with limited effort, resources and IT technical competence.

Log-in to the platform

At the user creation, devices are immediately ready to use and you can instantaneously start gathering data from your devices and sensors. You can customize and tune the devices to your own specific needs on Wiboot Studio and Wiboot AI. Use Wiboot API to direct data to your own existing system or platform.

Select your devices

Chose the most relevant device to your need, among a wide choice of more than 50 devices. Once devices are ordered, you can select the subscription model which is most adapted to your use.

Deploy easily your devices

All devices and sensors are plug & play. Data are immediately available. You can associate them to your existing Wiboot gateway(LORA G/ GSM) if needed.

Update the device firmware with no code

In few clicks, with Wiboot Studio, you will be able to customize the device firmware. If needed, you can access the source code through the advance development interface (IDE).

Collect the data in your IT system

With Wiboot API, in few clicks, you can set up the automated connection between Wiboot devices and your own IOT platform, IT application. Avoid using multiple application and save data storage costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Create your complex application using machine learnings models made available on the Wiboot AI platform.

Leverage data from your assets

All your machines are digitalized up and communicating with your IT systems. You can create value for your company, leveraging intelligence for machines.